SCCM Client installation Successful but not Reporting in Console

Troubleshooting why client is not getting the policies or not reported to SCCM console with Client YES and Installed YES

  1. Check the Firewall Enabled or Disabled if enabled, allow the ports to talk to site server. Guide to allow the required files or policies to download.
  2. Check Boundaries (could be (AD site or IP Range or IP Subnet) of the Agent are specified in the site server
  3. Schema extension and ensure attributes published into AD system management container (you can see component status if there are any errors while updating the system Management container with attributes)
  4. Check if there no DNS issue in the client and that client is able to resolve the SCCM server NetBIOS as well as FQDN without any issues.
  5. Check if the Client is able to talk to Management Point or not using the following Links.

http://<SCCM_SERVER/SMS_MP/.sms_aut?mplist —-should give you list of management points.

http://<SCCM_SERVER/SMS_MP/.sms_aut?mpcert——should give you some random numbers

  1. Check if WMI is working or not, if not try repairing the WMI by stopping WMI service and renaming repository folder (C:\Windows\System32\wbem) and start the service.

If the above test fails make sure that MP is working fine. You can check mpcontrol.log on the site server to find if MP is working or not.


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