Patch Deployment process through SCCM 2007

Patch Deployment process through SCCM 2007

This document explains the start to finish procedure of patch deployment through SCCM. It covers the following aspects of patch deployment:

  1. Software update synchronization
  2. Creating an update list
  3. Creating a deployment package
  4. Creating a deployment template
  5. Deployment of software package
  1. Software update synchronization

Microsoft releases security updates on 2nd Tuesdays of every month. and we need to Sync the patches. The syncing procedure is as follows –

Log in to central SCCM server -> go to computer management -> Software updates -> Right click on update repository -> click on run synchronization.


Click YES.

Check the wsyncmgr logs to verify synchronization success.

  1. Creating an update list

Here we select the required patches and create something called an update list.

Go to computer management -> software updates -> update repository ->Security updates -> All updates. On the right side pane, select the required patches.

After selecting patches, click on update list.

Select “ Create a new update list” and name the update list accordingly. Click next.


Click next..


  1. Creating a package

Select the location for downloading the patches and create folders as per requirement.

For example: F:\MONTHLY SECURITY UPDATES\2010\October2010

Select the update list that you created, and click on download software updates to download the patches into the folder created in the previous step.

Give in the package details and give the download location manually by specifying the network share. (Eg: \\BLRKECSCCMES\F$\MONTHLY SECURITY UPDATES\2010\October2010\October 2010 MS Critical Patches)


Click on browse and select all/required distribution points.13

Click next

While downloading the patches you must select the first option as shown below. Click next.

Select only English(Languages Required). Click next.

Patches have been downloaded to the location that we had provided (F:\MONTHLY SECURITY UPDATES\2010\October2010 \October 2010 MS Critical Patches)

Go to the computer management -> software updates -> Deployment packages. Your package will appear as shown below.

Go to computer management -> software updates -> Deployment packages -> Respective package name -> Package status -> you must confirm that all DPs have received the packages.


  • Creating a deployment template

Go to computer management -> software updates -> Deployment templates -> new deployment template.

Name the deployment template appropriately and click next.

Browse to locate the target collection for deployment. For new deployments it is “All systems”.

Select client local time and set duration as 0. Click next.

Define the reboot type (Supress Reboot / No)

Click next.

We download the software updates from DP.


  • – Deployment of software package

Go to the computer management -> software updates -> update list -> select the update list which you have created in the previous steps, and click on Deploy Software Updates from Actions pane.

Name and describe accordingly and click next.

Choose an existing template (the one you created in the previous steps) and click next.

Set a deadline for patch installation.

Go to the computer management -> software updates -> Deployment management -> select your corresponding advertisement and click on software update. Select any one of the bulletin IDs and view the deployment status as shown below. The same can be done from various primary site servers to view the deployment status.



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